Services and solutions


At PMC International you can be sure to find a solution for all your transport and logistical demands.
We pride ourselves on providing custom made solutions and personally managing all your needs.
At PMC International you receive the one on one attention you deserve.

PMC offers a wide range of services from express deliveries worldwide to transporting sensitive materials.

PMC can store and ship your merchandise as part of its Pick and Pack program.


Where the priority is you


We manage your needs


We do it with care


Call us now at +32 27 51 07 86 to arrange for any one of the services below.

• Express Deliveries and Pick-Ups Nationally and Internationally (daytime, nighttime, weekends, and holidays)

• Warehousing and Distribution

• Pick and Pack

• Swap and Repair

• Night Tours

• Transporting sensitive medical instruments (radiology equipment, MRI scanners)

• Transporting fragile telecommunication equipment

• Handling of confidential documents