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What real proof your shipment has been delivered? No problem, we can send you a photo!


Bad Address? SNAP! Here is a photo of the location.


Closed? Can’t be! Oh yes… CLICK! See for yourself!

Do you want your client to know their shipment is on its way? How about a text message to their smartphone? We can do that too!


As PMC grows and evolves with current trends, we are pleased to introduce our clients PHOTO PODs and SMS ALERTS on demand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


Organization, coordination, efficient planning and fast action. That’s how we moved an entire warehouse, that had been lived in for 15 years… in just a few days.

The move took place in three phases beginning May 28, 2014 with all sensitive and fragile materials. It was followed by warehouse operations. Corporate offices were moved over the weekend and by Monday June 2, 2014, PMC International was completely functional in its new location.

The move is supporting PMC International’s rapid growth and is providing the company with additional opportunities to serve its growing customer base worldwide. PMC International can not only accommodate its clients current diverse needs, but is ready to accommodate their future demands.

The new warehouse provides PMC International’s clients with significantly more storage capacity in a secure environment. The depot is equipped with the very latest in surveillance technology and it is monitored 24/7. The new location also features multiple offices and a conference room available for client use.

PMC International’s new home maintains its strategic vantage point between Brussels National Airport, downtown Brussels and all the major auto routes, a critical factor in distribution and logistics.

The move could not have been done without the enthusiasm and support of PMC International’s dedicated staff.


PMC International has never shied away from contributing to the community. Over the years, numerous events and sporting clubs have been sponsored by PMC International.

In 2013, PMC International became the proud sponsor of the Junior Division of the Rugby B.W. Est Club in Jodoigne, Belgium.

Thanks to the initiative of PMC International, 120 boys between the ages of 8 and 16, have the equipment they need to engage in the sport of Rugby. The sponsorship of PMC has also assisted in the training and advancement of the youth of Jodoigne. We are proud to say, due to the generous sponsorship funding from PMC International, the Junior Division of the Rugby B.W. Est Club and the U13 was able to advance to 8th place among a group of 33 teams in the Antwerp 2014 National Tournament. Thanks for making a difference PMC!

Olivier Close, Rugby B.W. Est Club Manager